The Sweet Smell of Luxury

the plaza

Since 1904, Krigler New York has been attracting celebrities and royals alike for their high end perfumes. A brand of luxury and prestige, Krigler New York is reaching into the archives to relaunch 2 of their earliest fragrances with updates for today’s men and women, Schone Linden 05 and  Hermitage Heritage 04.

Schone Linden 05

Because I love it when brands bring out new things from the archives and give it a twist—I thought this would be a fun feature.

As I take in the beautiful new perfume,  the Schöne Linden 05 scent is a delicate, feminine scent with floral notes and vanilla. I like this perfume because of the femininity—and at the same time it’s not overdone. Perfect.

Even better, this perfume is sold exclusively at The Plaza. Yes, that Plaza on 5th Avenue and 59th Street. So if you want to try out this yummy scent—head down to the exquisite landmark itself and go to their perfumery, where you’ll see this vintage perfume being displayed. And grab a mimosa at the hotel for me while you’re at it!

The Art of Picking and Choo-sing: A Love Story

There are some encounters in a person’s life that are so memorable and close to the heart that it feels like it had occurred just yesterday, when in fact it was years ago. An encounter that makes the heart skip a beat and takes the breath away. A moment that causes a person to act quickly on major decisions. Meeting Jimmy was one of those special moments.

It was a normal day for me. I had just left the Fashion Institute of Technology after a long day of back-to-back classes. The winds switched directions and briskly pulled me towards West 26th Street into my beloved store, Buffalo Exchange. As I carefully browsed the sweater racks, and flipped through skirts of past seasons’ styles, my gaze landed upon a shelf of significance. The lights dimmed, and a spotlight-effect zeroed in on an item. Or so I imagined. Lo and behold, at eye-level and within reach sat a lovely, sophisticated pair of pointy-toed beige Jimmy Choo heels, size 6. I felt like I was reuniting with John Cusack in Serendipity.


I couldn’t believe it—these shoes were just too good to be true! I walked around the store, testing hypothetical paces and different speeds of walking. A quick pace to make sure I’d get to the train on time. A slow, meandering pace in the occasion I am at a museum or cocktail party. Tapped my toes with my hands on my waist to test them in the occasion someone cuts ahead of me in line. Dance moves in the event that I go clubbing. Perfect fit, and perfect stride. All in one pair. Clearly, this was a match made in heaven—sent to me from God for a small price of $42.

I snatched Jimmy and held him close to my heart. We would never part again.

The Jimmy Choo London label signifies many pivotal moments to me. Jimmy sat with me throughout important interviews. He escorted me to exclusive parties in which I met new friends that are now near and dear to me. He celebrated victories of new opportunities in my life. The brand embodies the prestige and success that I aspire to achieve. Jimmy gave me the boost of confidence that I am now a real adult. A lady taking on New York City with each stride in the fine, Italian crafted leather heels.

LOFT and Choos 085

Heels are my weakness. Being a passionate shoe-shopper, I find it one of the most important pieces a person can wear to portray their image. I would rather walk in uncomfortable heels for hours to feel sexy and confident rather than wear comfortable flats or sneakers to a party. I love the height it gives my 5’ 3” self, and the way my calves are poised when I am standing tall. To me, highly respected, powerful women are seen wearing classic heels on a regular basis.

Today, Jimmy and I remain in a steady relationship and are moving forward one step at a time in conquering the New York fashion world.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s : The Double Life


Today I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s and it really got me thinking. More than half a century later, New York women are still the exact same. It’s no surprise that it was recently on Broadway—it’s incredibly relatable. Don’t we all have a Lulu May turned Holly Golightly alter ego in some capacity?

Spoken from a background of being born and raised in small-town America, in a place where wooden posts are standard at the local Wal-Mart for the Amish to park their horse and buggy. No exaggerations here. I’m a southern girl, moved on to the big city. I jumped on the opportunity to move to New York City years ago to conquer my fashion dreams. Dreaming of big city lights, glamour, and a lifestyle like those on TV. Coming from a suburban, country lifestyle– Golightly did the exact same as many of us did.

A lot of New Yorkers are not actually from the city itself. It’s a city for dreamers with big ambitions and full of those with “I can do anything” attitudes; all of which are a necessity to make it here. Really—it’s a large community of NYC imports from all over the country and world. Holly Golightly is a dreamer. A dreamer of glamour, money, and a luxurious lifestyle. She goes through painstaking relationships in search of money that would support her dream lifestyle, which comes with its own ups and downs. She hides her country background with a socialite persona. Big parties, big hair, fabulous attire, rubbing elbows with rich society people, all while having very little belongings to her own name. Running away from being tied down by a relationship, but also looking for a relationship. A classic catch-22.

At some point, I imagined that being me. At one point in my life, I was living out of a storage unit in the depths of Chelsea, when 4 kind girls took me in at their Harlem apartment. I lived the big NYC life despite the lack of funds. Parties with infamous auto-tune artist T-Pain, VIP fashion week parties and fashion shows while networking with big fashion executives. Would anyone have known I was living a double life? Of course not. I was being myself, true to my personality—without letting people know my income. Would anyone have known I was sharing a bed in Harlem with the girls that took me in? If you dress the part—who’s going to question it? Ms. Golightly made it work, and so did I. The champagne before breakfast mentality—a fabulous, lush lifestyle idealized by us dreamers. You want it—you make it happen for yourself and jump over the obstacles thrown at you with a hop in your perfectly polished high-heeled step.


Ms. Golightly reflects on her “rats” and “super rats” she’s dated. Sternly kicking crazy men out of her apartment on a regular basis, she was no stranger to dating. Living in the land of the most single people per capita, there are more than 200,000 more single women than single men living in the city today. Call it a “repercussionless dating” mentality, but men treat dating like it’s nothing to them, as there are many other fish in the sea. As a result, women have been lowering their expectations and generally giving men the upper hand. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Elaine is dating a man and tries to have the upper hand throughout the episode. Over time I think the ups and downs of dating get to all of us, creating a numb, and maybe even jaded mentality to it—with high hopes of finding the right one. Or better, snagging them from another state and bringing them here. The New York “imported men,” as I call them. Women gaze at their couple-friends that have men they met in other states than New York. “Oh, it’s because they’re not from here,” we all sigh.


Dating scene or not, we all reflect a bit of the Holly Golightly ideals and lifestyle. A poor girl aspiring for the luxe lifestyle we want out of the big apple. To what extent will we go? Money to “go to the powder room?” Probably not. But in our own ways, we side step these morals we came into the city with and look the other direction to make it happen. Unless you live here yourself—it’s difficult to understand what hurdles are jumped to continue living here. We all need a Paul to whisk us off our feet.

We are living the American dream, aren’t we?

Street Style: Happy 4th of July!

This afternoon I walked around the city to catch a glimpse of what 4th of July attire would be roaming the streets. Here are some snapshots of festive New Yorkers. Happy 4th of July!

  couple stripesrwb parsons 4th of july friends

Any red,white and blue love you’d like to send my way? Would love to see your July 4th style as well– tweet them @blairebrownNYC 🙂

Let’s Shop Vintage Thursdays in Manhattan

A Continuation of Throwback Thursday Vintage Stores in Manhattan. I LOVE these places.

L Train Vintage

L Train Vintage

Enter hipster paradise: a large assortment of jorts (jeans cut into shorts—in case you weren’t aware of this garment) and old school, worn in tees. Long, bohemian skirts grazed the ankles of most customers. Clientele browsed the racks with serious looks on their faces. L Train Vintage stays true to their geographical reputation of being casual and hipster-esque. The sales associates leave you alone to explore through the ruins that hang on the walls. To shop here you must be mentally prepared to have patience and an open mind—as most of this stuff is funky even for the most hip. The Breakfast Club cast members would frequent this store if it were still the 80’s.

Neighborhood: East Village

Location:  204 1st Avenue, between East 12th and East 13th Streets