Venexiana Shows Off Evening Gown Variety

Gown after gown, dress after dress marched down the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week during Venexiana’s spring/summer show. Turquoise, tangerine, periwinkle and pink florals all colored the dresses in such a cheerful manner—ready for the sunshine and outdoor awards festival season coming next year. Although there were a large amount of gorgeous red-carpet dresses, I have watched plenty of Project Runway episodes to know that this line needed to be edited down (thanks for the insight, Tim Gunn!) because there ended up being 73 different looks. After a while, you start losing the “ooh” and “ahhh” from the audience because the show kept going on and on. Despite the length, Venexiana put together a drop-dead gorgeous show that celebrities and their stylists will be clamoring to buy this spring/summer time. Check it out in the video!

Katie Gallagher’s Funeral Flowers Prevail

Upon arrival at The Raven on that hot, September day of New York Fashion Week—guests spiraled up the staircase into a packed room full of press and fans alike. Each lined up to get the best photos possible of the new spring summer 2014 Katie Gallagher collection, while others bee-lined to the bar to cool off with a vodka lemonade—both excellent choices.

Models stood against the backdrop of a blank white wall—staggered positioning based on height alone. The minimalist, yet edgy line was inspired by the song “Blume” [lyric: For you I am a Chrysanthemum/Supervova, Urgent Star/  For you, I’ll be a dandelion, a thousand flowerettes in the sky, or just a drop in the ocean} and funeral flowers. The line titled ‘Bloom’ for spring/summer examines our tendency to conceal unpleasant ordeals with beautiful objects.  I had to wonder if they had to draw sticks or not, as some models got the short end of the deal and had to bite onto a rose for the entire presentation.

Take a look at the happy models [note: sarcasm] and let me know what you think of the presentation. I found her inspirations to be interesting and unique, and her line clearly stayed true to the theme.

Check out – I recommend watching the videos of her previous lines, too– entertaining!

Zang Toi Showcases Ballet Beauty on the Runway

Since 1989, designer Zang Toi has built a world-renowned fashion house that has luxury insiders anxious for more of the House of Toi. Toi opened the show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with a male ballerina performance. The attention to details and theatrics were just part of the beautiful opening—which followed with clothes just as intricately played out.

At first, a dark palette of black, navy suits, jackets, trousers and shorts graced the runway. It was slightly confusing for a spring show, until finally ballet pinks and spring blues emerged on red-carpet-worthy gowns and dresses. The ‘ballet babes’ themed show was glamorous and paid homage to the ballet, as many of Toi’s looks are named accordingly. His show was beautiful—and it was beautiful watching him walk the runway with the model at the end, filled with emotion of putting his amazing line down the catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It’s no surprise that Toi has dressed countless celebrities and won too many to count awards. After covering shows for almost 4 years now, this was the very first time I have ever witnessed the ENTIRE audience rising for a standing ovation. Wow—what a moment!

For more of Zang Toi, check out his website at

Street Your Heart Out: Street Style at NYFW

Everyone and their dogs showed up during New York Fashion Week dressed to impress. Whether it be classic, sophisticated style, punk-rock edge, or quirky-unique, fashionistas alike all made the entire week a runway itself– even if you didn’t make it into the Lincoln Center. I met a lot of fun spectators and participants in all kinds of attire. What inspires me the most about being in the fashion industry is that every individual has his/her own point of view of what is stylish and beautiful. No matter what the look, the differences are what makes the fashion scene exciting and unique. Besides–if we were all wearing the same thing– wouldn’t that be boring? Take a look at all the stylish people I took snapshots of and let me know what you think. For a closer look- click on the collage.

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Malan Breton Brings Different Mediums to MBFW

Malan Breton has nothing but rave reviews from fashionistas alike waiting in line to get into his Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Presentation. “He is not only talented—but he is also genuinely sweet!” Fans gushed. Known for his professional, yet trendy red-carpet looks— Breton has dressed many A-listers and has developed a cult following as he’s grown in his fashion design career.

As I walked into The Box at the Lincoln Center, I was not expecting there to be a performing artist putting on a show herself. A beautiful woman stood in the center of the packed room belting out Opera tunes. Such a powerful, moving voice coming from such a tiny woman! Amazing.

The music wasn’t the only event in the room—we can’t forget the eccentric, but fabulous clothes Breton designed. Models lined up around the room—almost paired off in couples. If I had grown up in a stylish town in the late 1980’s, I feel like this is what my prom would have looked like. I mean that in a good way—the colors were vibrant and bold. The variety of shapes and silhouettes are all on trend and will certainly be seen around the city at cocktail events, and of course, the red carpet. Sartorialist—eat your heart out! Malan Breton put together a fabulous, eccentric collection that will keep his fan-base to keep coming back for more.

Check out Malan Breton’s website for more on the designer.

Ricardo Seco Brings Asian Influence with a Brooklyn Twist

Self-taught designer, Ricardo Seco, has been keeping me on my toes each season. Last season he designed a line inspired by Hasidic Jewish culture in Brooklyn. This Spring/Summer 2014 he’ll be airing a collection of street-savvy looks with pops of Eastern Asian influence. The show certainly was not a snooze-fest, as most are at this time of the week. Instead the audience was captivated by the vastly different looks on each male model (and one female, by the way)—but Seco was able to keep the collection nicely cohesive. Sporty jackets and unique pant silhouettes kept the show fresh and new. Models walked the runway, but surprised the audience at the end by walking back out and stepping up onto stools grouped together right in front of the guest benches that spectators were seated on. It was a runway show transformed into a presentation—how fun!

Joanna Mastroianni Brings Flirty Dresses to the Runway

Inspired by the architecture of Gaudi (see images of his work here), Joanna Mastroianni designed a beautiful collection full of black, white, Mediterranean blue with tangerine pops. Her cocktail dresses had everything from A-line cuts to one-shoulder caftans over skinny jeans. The sweetheart dresses had impeccable tailoring and even hand-sewn embroidery. Transparent tops brought on the sex appeal making this flirty line not just for girls. It is a younger market fashion line, but held every aspect of sophistication. Each detail was well thought out and perfectly placed. Models strut down the runway as TLC’s “No Scrubs” started jamming from the speakers.  I’d wear her pieces to a cocktail party, date or a gala event.

GORGEOUS! See for yourself in the below video.

For more, see

Argentine Designers Premiere at the Tents

The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted 7 lucky finalists the opportunity of a lifetime: to show their lines at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The designers were each handpicked based on their creativity, career progress and ability to show and sell internationally. Viviana Uchitel, Tenaz, Agostina Bianchi, Mariana Dappiano, Fabian Zitta, Daniela Sartori, Marcelo Giacobbe all brought their Argentine flair to New York City which showcased Argentina’s great creativity and talent.

Watch the video to see each designer’s lines—which one is your favorite?

My Fave of the Week: Cynthia Rowley

mbfw ss 14 138

Drumroll, please! Cynthia Rowley’s Presentation was my favorite of the week. Rowley demonstrated what she is known best for: whimsy, femininity, and beautiful style. Walking into the Highline Hotel where the presentation was held was a trip in itself. The overwhelming, delicious smell of espresso upon arrival and a cute little cocktail bar tucked to the left. Kind PR girls ushered guests up the multiple flights of old-school, castle-like stairs into the giant banquet room that was decorated similarly to Cynthia Rowley’s party-décor shop—with multi-colored bulbs placed in the old chandeliers and bright, cheery streamers draped for days. The atmosphere was fun and vibrant, and I hadn’t even seen the clothes yet.

Rowley’s models stood side by side showcasing her Spring/Summer line that will be in stores in 2014. Bright colors, feminine shapes, floral prints, embroidery—she left out no detail when creating this collection. Surfer girls in California, women in Greenwich, Texas ladies going to a cocktail party—her designs are created for all kinds of women across the country. Women with confidence that are bold and feminine will flock to stores to get their hands on this sweet collection.

I left the event smiling—no one could help it after seeing these happy, whimsical designs. It was a fabulous fashion affair!

For everything Cynthia Rowley, check out


Moroccan Beauty at Son Jung Wan

image002 image003 image004 image005 image006 image007

Photos by Rodin Banica

As always, Son Jung Wan put on a gorgeous, feminine collection for the Spring Summer 2014 season at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Son Jung Wan is one of my favorite designers to see each season at NYFW—she never ceases to amaze me by her beautiful collections! Inspired by Morroco, Wan used neutral whites, blush, and tan for the base of her collection—adding pops of lemon, amber, and Saharan-desert tones. The silhouettes floated down the catwalk swaying back and forth perfectly. The bright lights made her gold-sequined dress glimmer in a sexy, seductive way—perfect for a red-carpet event or cocktail party. If you wear one of her garments, you will feel like a glamorous woman. Son Jung Wan put on quite the show!

image001 image008


For more of Son Jung Wan, check out her website