Malan Breton Brings Different Mediums to MBFW

Malan Breton has nothing but rave reviews from fashionistas alike waiting in line to get into his Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Presentation. “He is not only talented—but he is also genuinely sweet!” Fans gushed. Known for his professional, yet trendy red-carpet looks— Breton has dressed many A-listers and has developed a cult following as he’s grown in his fashion design career.

As I walked into The Box at the Lincoln Center, I was not expecting there to be a performing artist putting on a show herself. A beautiful woman stood in the center of the packed room belting out Opera tunes. Such a powerful, moving voice coming from such a tiny woman! Amazing.

The music wasn’t the only event in the room—we can’t forget the eccentric, but fabulous clothes Breton designed. Models lined up around the room—almost paired off in couples. If I had grown up in a stylish town in the late 1980’s, I feel like this is what my prom would have looked like. I mean that in a good way—the colors were vibrant and bold. The variety of shapes and silhouettes are all on trend and will certainly be seen around the city at cocktail events, and of course, the red carpet. Sartorialist—eat your heart out! Malan Breton put together a fabulous, eccentric collection that will keep his fan-base to keep coming back for more.

Check out Malan Breton’s website for more on the designer.

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