Street Your Heart Out: Street Style at NYFW

Everyone and their dogs showed up during New York Fashion Week dressed to impress. Whether it be classic, sophisticated style, punk-rock edge, or quirky-unique, fashionistas alike all made the entire week a runway itself– even if you didn’t make it into the Lincoln Center. I met a lot of fun spectators and participants in all kinds of attire. What inspires me the most about being in the fashion industry is that every individual has his/her own point of view of what is stylish and beautiful. No matter what the look, the differences are what makes the fashion scene exciting and unique. Besides–if we were all wearing the same thing– wouldn’t that be boring? Take a look at all the stylish people I took snapshots of and let me know what you think. For a closer look- click on the collage.

Tweet your personal style to me @blairebrownNYC and you can potentially be featured!

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