Style & Champagne at Milk

New York City hadn’t seen a rainstorm quite like it had on Thursday in a while. It didn’t weary the guests that attended the Michel COMTE and MILK collaboration: A Collaboration 1996-2016, not one bit. After mixing and mingling with others at the event, it was hardly a blur of people. Instead, it was incredibly refreshing to see each person’s unique personality and style stand out—the perfect mix of individuals that were not going to let a few rain clouds take away their shine. Take a peek at the photos of the grand opening party—and be sure to stop by Milk to see the exhibit!

The Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

Marc Jacobs is at it again with his clever marketing ploys! This weekend he opened a Pop-up Tweet-Shop in Soho for his fragrance line, Daisy. The catch? The store only took social payments. If you tweeted, used Instagram, Facebook, etc.  and tagged it with #MJdaisychain, you would receive free samples of his fragrance. As if that wasn’t a good enough gift, manicurists were on premises giving free manicures. Baristas from Bluestone Lane NY was handing out coffee from their adorable, solar-powered cart. A prairie backdrop with Daisy-inspired props took up many of the guests’ time—as people would hop in and out of the set taking silly and serious pictures with daisies, giant fragrance bottles, and tree stumps. This is totally normal in Manhattan, right?  Any Instagram photos with the #MJdaisychain tagline would appear on computer screens in the store and would give guests the options of instantly printing out the photos to keep. We had such a blast and ended up staying for a very long time. What a fun, clever event! It got me talking about it—so mission accomplished, Marc! #Killedit

Adventures on a Talk Show

clinton kelly

It was just another snowy day in Manhattan. My friend Julie and I decided it was the perfect day to be audience members on a daytime talk show, The Chew. I mean, what else is there to do when a blizzard hits town?

We broke out the jewel-tone attire that is a requirement for these adventures. Red? Check.  Blizzard-sturdy shoes? Check. We were ready to go.

Upon arrival at the ABC studios, we snagged our tickets and chugged our coffee before entering the field that was full of production teams and people looking for snazzy, fun audience members. Julie and I must have had a light shining down on us, because lo’ and behold, practically every person in the studio asked us to keep in contact to be on the show another time (as audience members, participants for activities, etc.). We were stoked! Lucky for us we were able to partake as taste testers— yum! Not only were we taste testers, we were chosen to be participants in a trivia-pie throwing game. We had to answer 3 pie trivia questions. For each correct answer we could step forward to get closer to Chef Michael Symon, our pie target. I lucked out and got all 3 correct—giving me perfect aim for the $250 prize I won! The studio team was so kind—we had no idea that this snow-filled day would end up with us on TV, tasting some seriously amazing food, and winning a cash prize. Who knew?!

As if that wasn’t fun and exciting enough, Clinton Kelly (a hero of mine!) chatted and took a selfie with me and Julie. Isn’t NYC amazing? The Chew episode we’re on will be airing on March 28th. Spot us in the crowd and watch our pie throwing skills!