BlacMéra Brings Couture and Eels to Fashion Week

BlacMéra put on a beautiful show at Pier 59 for New York Fashion Week. The couture brand put together a spring line that embodies the designer’s aesthetics of bringing femininity and romanticism together with an old world’s beauty and charm. The line is built for the modern, strong woman of the world. What better place to present a line like this than in the Big Apple? A city that is full of beautiful, powerful women. On the side, champagne glasses bubbled with edible hibiscus flower drinks, and the Spice and Tease stand enabled guests to dip bread in all assorted spices. It made for great conversations and atmosphere.

The glamorous jewel tones glittered down the runway as soon as the show started. Models strut, one by one, down to the end of the aisle and back to their multi-level stools to stand on. After each posed and were in place on stools—applause broke out and guests mingled to get closer views. An exciting element to the garments was eel leather. I had no idea that this was possible—but with a closer examination, it looked luxe and perfectly detailed with Yuliana Candra’s designer touch.

After seeing her Spring 2014 collection, I am looking forward to see what she’ll create in the future!

What look is your favorite?

For more BlacMéra, check out her website

Luxury Rooftop, Friends, and a Fur Sensation: Helen Yarmak SS 14

MBFW SS 14 195

I arrived at the iconic Crown Building on 5th Avenue to explore through Helen Yarmak’s newest Fur Sensation line for New York Fashion Week and was thrilled at how the event turned out. The elevator ticked ‘til it hit the 23rd floor, and I was ushered out and greeted by friendly faces. The penthouse showroom suite was set for glamorous people with luxurious lifestyles—much like the brand and designer herself. I moseyed around the showroom snapping photos of the fabulous mannequins (yes, the mannequins were styled great!) and then was surprised to see models strutting around the room theatrically—posing this way and that. The intimate setting was perfect to meet people, see each look up close, and to have one of the best rooftop views in the city. Beautiful!

Helen drew her inspiration from sensational patterns and color which are brought to life through her designs. She chose to infuse checkerboard, stripes, and color-blocking on her new shapes and styles. Other furs used are mink, lamb, fox and ermine.

Legendary style icon Patricia Field was the celebrity stylist at the event. She styled the models with such a luxurious edgy look down to the very last detail. In addition to Patricia, Rod Stewart made an appearance. He hung out as we all checked out Helen Yarmak’s new designs. And yes—that’s me posing with him in the photo!

See the photos above to see all of Helen Yarmak’s gorgeous line.

You can find out more about Helen’s designs and creations at

Step into the Ring at Zimmermann’s “Ringmaster” Fashion Show

Elegance, classicism, femininity with a rural touch are just a few ways to describe the Zimmerman collection. High end ready to wear with sophisticated draping is what the two Australian designers are best known for—and Nicky & Simone Zimmermann proved it to be true at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 collections.

With a very complex show of juxtaposition between fabrics and the different shapes, this season Zimmermann went with a theme called “The Ringmaster,” in which the proportions “defied gravity” with buoyant, coated fabrications floating like puffs of air around the body. Holding true to the theme, soft silhouettes flowed with each step—but sharp asymmetrical cuts and plunging necklines kept the line modern and fresh. Color is injected as though looking at old photographs; dreamy, feminine hues softening a bold base of black and white.

I fell in love with this collection, and not just because of the romanticism it portrayed. The colors, the styling, the movement of the fabrics, the creative structures: all create a gorgeous fashion line that I want to be seen in. Congratulations to the designers for a wonderful spring/summer show!

For more of Zimmermann, check out

Spoiler Alert: Project Runway Finale


LuImageImagecky me! I was able to go to the Project Runway finale at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. To kickstart the event, Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, and Kerry Washington walked out from behind the Project Runway traditional backdrop and walked the runway side by side to take photos for the photo pit. Laughing, smiling amongst each other and casually talking to the crowd thanking us for being there—and of course, bringing up the fact that they’ve once again been nominated for the Emmy Awards. Heidi Klum, as the ringleader of the group, was ready to start the show. But of course, she had to get Tim Gunn to make a quick appearance. They hugged, kissed, and Tim scurried backstage to help the contestants that were “an absolute wreck” from nerves.

Because the season isn’t far enough in to tell us who has made it to the final challenge—PR showed more than 4 designers at the Lincoln Center. Now, not all will be shown on TV (most likely not, at least) but they most likely showed more designers so as not to spoil the surprise when it airs. At this point, we can only make predictions, but nothing 100% accurate.  After watching 7 designers present—there were clearly lines better than others. It’ll be interesting to see who wins! Who do you think made it to the finale?

The Art Institute of New York Debuts Student Designers

Welcome to Project Runway, where contestants will compete for a chance to show their collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

But wait. This isn’t Project Runway. Instead The Art Institute of New York City  gave 10 students/alumni one of the most incredible opportunities that a designer can ever achieve—and that is to show their collections at one of the most prestigious and high profiled fashion events—Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Students showed their work to fellow peers, potential employers, and me.

Click on the video for full coverage– or see my slideshow below with some of the looks. There is a large range of different styles amongst each individual which made it exciting to see new, different aesthetics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think of these emerging designers? Do you think one these designers will be the next Michael Kors?

Candela Brings Nautical Glamour to Fashion Week

MBFW SS 2014 010 MBFW SS 2014 011 MBFW SS 2014 013 MBFW SS 2014 016 MBFW SS 2014 018 MBFW SS 2014 021 MBFW SS 2014 023 MBFW SS 2014 025 MBFW SS 2014 026 MBFW SS 2014 031 MBFW SS 2014 032 MBFW SS 2014 041 MBFW SS 2014 043 MBFW SS 2014 044 MBFW SS 2014 045 MBFW SS 2014 048 MBFW SS 2014 049 MBFW SS 2014 051

Gabriela Perezutti brought on her Uruguay roots at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week when presenting her Candela line at The Box. Long, straight silhouettes graced the models for the Fall/Winter 2013 season. This time around, Candela decided to go the nautical route. Strategically positioned throughout the quaint room—journalists and spectators were able to meander paying close attention to each intricate detail involved in the looks.

As a collection—this has to be one of my favorites so far. The feminine touches and beachside elegance made it a desirable line for all women. The soft silhouettes and quirky details made each look appropriate for summer sunset walks as well as cocktail parties. Both casual chic and glamour—Candela has set the perfect setting for Spring/Summer 2014.

5:31 JÉRÔME Presents Floral Eye Candy for Spring

NYFW SS 14 day 1 095 NYFW SS 14 day 1 096 NYFW SS 14 day 1 097 NYFW SS 14 day 1 099 NYFW SS 14 day 1 100 NYFW SS 14 day 1 101 NYFW SS 14 day 1 105 NYFW SS 14 day 1 106 NYFW SS 14 day 1 109 NYFW SS 14 day 1 110

Fellow Fashion Institute of Technology alum, Jerome LaMaar, debuted his first collection 5:31 JÉRÔME at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.  His passion for fashion and design went hand in hand as he put together a beautiful collection.

The models stood on a platform in the middle of a dimly lit room at the Chelsea Market studio as spectators walked around in a circle to catch glimpses of the looks. Greenery adorned with pink flowers scattered the ground. The models each wore a different form of vine-wrapped high heels which made the looks each tie into the theme perfectly. The “Hyper Feminine” theme embodied an edgy enchanted neo-romantic look. It was very girly, and a theme that I am all about—loved it!

Desigual Premieres at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Desigual brought their colorful lifestyle clothes and accessories to The Theatre at the Lincoln Center to kick-start my week at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

desigual 3

The show had a contagious positive energy. Full of smiles, dancing models and high fives being thrown into the air as models passed each other from look to look. Male models would unexpectedly grab the women and twirl them or completely turn around and re-walk to the end of the runway to pose together. The audience shook their shoulders, huge smiles beaming as we anticipated what would come around the corner next.

Desigual 1

Known for their whimsical, mixed and matched patterns–most of the collection was expected and true to the brand—but with a more sophisticated twist.The line was full of spring and summer brights—and an unexpected amount of classic black/white printed pieces.  I had such a great time at this show—it was certainly a crowd pleaser!

desigual 2

Photos courtesy of Wire Images