Spoiler Alert: Project Runway Finale


LuImageImagecky me! I was able to go to the Project Runway finale at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. To kickstart the event, Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, and Kerry Washington walked out from behind the Project Runway traditional backdrop and walked the runway side by side to take photos for the photo pit. Laughing, smiling amongst each other and casually talking to the crowd thanking us for being there—and of course, bringing up the fact that they’ve once again been nominated for the Emmy Awards. Heidi Klum, as the ringleader of the group, was ready to start the show. But of course, she had to get Tim Gunn to make a quick appearance. They hugged, kissed, and Tim scurried backstage to help the contestants that were “an absolute wreck” from nerves.

Because the season isn’t far enough in to tell us who has made it to the final challenge—PR showed more than 4 designers at the Lincoln Center. Now, not all will be shown on TV (most likely not, at least) but they most likely showed more designers so as not to spoil the surprise when it airs. At this point, we can only make predictions, but nothing 100% accurate.  After watching 7 designers present—there were clearly lines better than others. It’ll be interesting to see who wins! Who do you think made it to the finale?